Andrea has been licensed in massage therapy since 1989. Even as a teenager, she was so drawn to the art of massage that she would regularly work on her teammates, her family members, and her friends.

Over all those years as a body worker, she has studied structural, anatomically based treatment techniques. She has had a lot of success treating people recovering from all kinds of injuries, ranging from falls and motor vehicle accidents to back injuries that come from bending over to tie your shoes.

She believes that massage therapy is an integral part of overall wellness, not just compartmentalized injury treatment.

Her approach is whole body based and she seeks to address the whole person when a client comes in for treatment. Andrea believes that open communication between client and therapist is the foundation to giving and receiving a great massage, so she will ask for your feedback before and during your treatment to ensure that you are receiving the treatment you want.

Every treatment and every person is slightly different each time they come in for a massage. Recognizing these subtle shifts and changes are what keeps the work interesting and dynamic for Andrea.

She will treat you and your body with absolute care and respect, and is truly committed to listening to you and to your body.

She looks forward to working with you!

Licensed Massage Practitioner